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As of March 2023, we have met our requirements for the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board's grant.  Attached is the letter we wrote as part of our Final Report for the grant.  It describes how we spent the grant monies and the progress our four-member volunteer team made updating our irreplaceable documents by organizing and categorizing and placing them in archival sleeves, folders and boxes.  There is still much work to be done and our final goal is to digitize our holdings.  We are looking forward to relocating the Archive Department to the
Thompson House which is currently under renovation.

The Archive Committee’s main goal is to follow our Olmsted Historical Society’s Mission Statement which is to “Preserve the Past and Present for the Future”.  To this end, we are presently in the process of organizing our extensive historical family histories, letters, diaries, photographs, newspapers, community collections, local government items, reference library and much more.  We will be preserving all our articles in archival quality folders, sleeves, and boxes.  We eventually will be cataloguing and digitalizing our collection.  Our purpose is to make our collections more accessible to its members, schools, community organizations and our citizens near and far.  We will be moving from the overcrowded space where our collection is now held to the upstairs of the historical Thompson House which is currently being restored.
We are hard at work organizing and preserving the Society’s collection.  We want to have a library setting for all to use for research and the enjoyment of learning more of the history of our local area and its citizens.  Even though we are working on the Archives, please know that we are still available to help you with any research.
 Fill out the “Archive Research Form” and we will be happy to contact you and help you with your research.  The form is interactive.  Add your information, save the document and attach it to an email sent to:


 “WE HAVE MADE PROGRESS!!  OUR FAMILY COLLECTION IS COMPLETE”. The Society’s family files have been  sorted alphabetically, labeled, placed in archival sleeves and folders and stored in archival boxes.

Old Archives Process
New Archives Process

Current list of family names in the Olmsted Historical Society files.

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